Sonntag, 8. November 2015


Samstag, 31. Oktober 2015

CONTRAST EP out now.

CONTRAST - out now. 
This EP is a return to the first steps we took in releasing music-
No expensive and polished production, no extraneous influence, just a guitar, a voice, a piano and a drum machine.
I can only speak for myself but I am tired of label politics, I am tired of "A&R'ing", I stopped caring about the opinion of people of the music industry, trying to tell me how a song should be written, how a song should be sung or how a guitar should be played and I definitely do not care about the material benefits. I write because there is an urge in me to do so. All I care about is the music and all I want is to share it with you.
This is a gift from me to you. „heart“-Emoticon
Deniz / KLA



Artwork by Ini Neumann.